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“Changing yourself you change the world”

Welcome to our website www.openlife.lviv.ua!

The target audience of the site are people with sight impairments, members of their families, representatives of show-business, social and cultural sphere, educators and biased people.

This site will be the source of useful and interesting information available for people with sight impairments as well as for those who are interested in innovations and achievements in social sphere.

The aim of the website is to change the behaviour of the target audience on the basis of success stories and outstanding achievements, in particular, to change the attitude of the biased people towards visually challenged people and attitudes of the disabled towards themselves and their abilities.

“ABC for the blind”: an original audio version of ABC of “A-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ga” publishing house voiced by the actors of the Maria Zankovetska National Theatre (O. Bonkovs’ka, V. Korzhuk) together with children of different age groups. The page contains e-version of the ABC, photos with Braille pages, history of book creation and contact information for those who want to enrich their home library with the ABC that talks.

“Audioalbums”: music albums recorded by the blind singers together with the orchestra of the Maria Zankovetska National Theatre in 2011: “Spasybi, muzyko, tobi” (“Thank you, music”) is a solo album of the Crimean singer Stepan Honcharenko (Lviv, Ukraine) and “Tvorcha syla” (“Creative force”) which is the joint album of Ukrainian and Swedish blind singers (Haparanda, Sweden). The page includes information about the history of two projects, photos from presentations and concerts.

“Open Life”: All-Ukrainian art-project which participants are talented blind singers, well-known Ukrainian performers and orchestra of the Maria Zankovetska National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre (conductor – B. Mochurad). On the webpage one can find videos of the latest concerts (Lviv, October 15th, 2011: Kyiv, December 3rd, 2011: Lviv, February 16th, 2012), photos of project participants, their resumes, brief information about the history of the project “Open Life” which symbolic name has become the name of the website.

“Medications prescribing information”: audio and e-version of the prescribing information on 103 drugs, title page photo, information about project history. Blind user from any corner of Ukraine will be able to easily find information about counter indications and methods of administration of medications that will allow users to avoid complications caused by drugs which are forbidden in some eye diseases.

“No Barriers”: created for those who are interested in or professionally working with issues of accessible environment. This page has several interesting announcements about Swiss experience concerning removing barriers including the list of rehabilitations means for blind people. Here one can find proposals on accessibility standards for people with sight impairments; information about achievements in the field of transport means adaptation, stationary traffic lights, public facilities, contact information of sound adaptors producers.

“Library”: layouts of the blind authors’ collections published in 2012 – “Myt’ poeziyi chudova” (“Beautiful Poetry moments”) and “Zacharovanyi zaichyk” (“Enchanted Hare”). The page includes booklet about pioneer activities of the Lviv Regional Fund of Social Security and Rehabilitation of the Blind as well as the course of computer literacy for those who want to learn how to work on PC by means of screen access programme. In future the page will have books in point and sound format produced to launch a platform for inclusive education.

“Rehabilitation Means”: articles about dozens of household appliances used by blind people in the European countries – colour detectors, light and weight detectors, tonometers, audio business-cards, etc. Besides photos and specifications of the devices, there is information about the price (which can fluctuate depending on the market needs).

“Regulatory instruments”: legal documents on issues relating to people with disabilities or their public organizations which can be useful for everyday life. The regulatory documents have been selected taking into account requests of the visually disabled people – order about subgroups A and B, resolution about teletuners, new Law of Ukraine on citizen groups, resolution about resort vouchers, etc.

“Medicine”: articles about the latest achievements in gene therapy and artificial eye creation, which nowadays have become a reality and even restored eyesight for some people who were born blind. Revolutionary achievements of ophthalmologists are really impressive and at the same time make it possible to believe that in the nearest future these surgeries will be available for blind Ukrainians.

“Education”: detailed information about educational and rehabilitation facility for deaf-blind children, schools for the blind, schools for partially sighted (contact address, telephone number, director’s name, e-mail). On the page one can watch a documentary about upbringing of visually disabled child (Finland).

The page includes information about medical colleges that admit visually impaired students.  The most active users will be attracted by the information about the opportunities for getting professional higher education abroad, namely – in Switzerland and Canada. Here one can find contact information of charitable funds that provide grants for studying abroad. A new item is information about inclusive education of people with serious visual impairments, description of the case when a blind child studied in the usual school (which is so far the only case in Ukraine) and equipment which is necessary for it.

“Sport”: announcements about sport achievements of visually impaired people who owing to their persistence and perseverance win Paralympics medals, become Champions of Ukraine or European Champions, Masters of sport or Candidates to Master of sport. Step by step the page will record the achievements of blind Ukrainians.

“Success stories”: heroic life stories of some disabled people impressed societies in many countries of the world and made us think whether we really appreciate every moment of life? To understand this one often should lose everything … Unfortunately, that is the price for understanding what really is important in life. On the page there are articles about people who inspire others. We believe that there are a lot of such people in Ukraine. We shall inform our readers about such people the moment we have information about them. 

“Our partners”: created to highlight those organizations which in their activities are guided by Christian and moral values. It includes announcements about our new and old partners – UNDP in Ukraine, ISAR  “Yednannya” (“Unity”), rotary club “Lviv-Leopolis”, Maria Zankovetska National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre, Maltese service, etc.

“About us”: history and achievements of the Lviv Regional Fund of Social Security and Rehabilitation of the Blind that actively cooperates with other public organizations. Such rubrics as “Audio reports”, “Video reports”, “Published Materials” illustrate Ukrainian mass media coverage of Fund activities. Here one can find all contact information in case the site users would like to ask for help or express their ideas.

Organizers of the project www.openlife.lviv.ua express gratitude to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) which made it possible to launch this site and produce other advertising materials promoting activity of this organization. Publication of this booklet also became possible due to UNDP. We are deeply grateful to donors of the project www.openlife.lviv.ua as well as to all our partners and volunteers who have been cooperating with the Lviv Regional Fund of Social Security and Rehabilitation of the Blind.


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