History of organization

Lviv Regional Fund of Social Protection and Recovery of the Blind was established on July 27, 1992.  The Fund specializes in providing aid for the sight-disabled of I and II groups.

Main directions of organization activities – protection of interests of the sight-disabled, their integration into society; social, educational, creative, spiritual, informative, medical, sports, professional recovery; introduction of innovation methods for sight-disabled persons’ recovery; arranging partner relations with local and state authorities, Ukrainian and international sponsors; adopting experience from European countries in the scope of social protection and recovery of the blind; formation of barrier-free environment for the sight-disabled persons; contributing to implementation of potential opportunities for the disabled with different stages of visual deficit.

The organization disposes of a 92.9 sq. m. premise (total of 5 rooms). In 2008, a contract of long-term lease was signed for 20 years (until 2028).

The organization’s regular employees are 12 persons (out of which 11 are sight-disabled): a head, an executive director, an accountant, a secretary, a lawyer, a massage therapist, sport recovery therapist, social recovery therapist, a librarian, three coaches. Regular employees perform their duties on voluntary basis.

The organization uses in its work few computer typhlo-information complexes with special software installed on the work bench of the head, accountant, sport recovery therapist and others, and also a relevant equipment furnished in the rooms of medical, sport and social-domestic recovery (a massage couch, sun parlor, sport equipment, kitchen and household equipment etc.).

During the last three years the organization has implemented a considerable volume of tasks aimed to improve the living of the sight-disabled persons within a community, and also to extend a scope of social services and create conditions for the blind to implement their own potential (creative, educational, scientific, sport etc.).

Moreover, aid for the sight-disabled has been streamlined in terms of quality of services and their expenses, since all services are rendered directly to the sight-disabled, with a personally gained experience of adaptation to living in conditions of total or partial darkness. Here is also very essential the rule: “who else can help us but us!”

The Fund achievements include formation of an audio library on digital media, involvement of actors and journalists for literature voicing; conduction of a row of regional and inter-regional chess tournaments among the blind and among the disabled of different nosology stages (about 64 for the last 4 years); installation of audible cues at 54 fixed traffic lights of the region; installation of sound orientators at 38 institutions of the region; development of the “Standards of Comprehensive Availability For The Sight-Disabled Persons: Environmental Safety” which on April 14, 2011  were (re-) supplied to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine; arrangement of 29 excursion trips to historical and architectural monuments of Ukraine (the Pochayiv Lavra, Zymne Monastery, Uzhgorod castle, Mukachiv castle, Nevytsky castle, the Museum of Pysanka in Kolomyia etc.); participation in the international Swedish-Ukrainian project “The Blind Ambassador of Computer Technologies” aimed to extend a labor market for the sight-disabled persons by introducing innovation computer technologies; creation of first audio daisy books; experimental approbation of voiced and Braille prescribing information for 28 medicines; production and distribution in the drugstores of 20 Braille volumes and 500 audio disks with “Prescribing information for 103 medicines”; arrangement of 8 tours of amateur art activities members, that is to say sight-disabled lead singers and musicians (including to other regional centers). The Fund in the partnership with other non-governmental public organizations has elaborated upon application of inclusive education for children with deep visual deficit.

During 2007 – 2012, the members of the Fund visited the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Canada actively introducing their gained experience in Ukraine.

The members of the organization who showed themselves as active lobbyists of interests of the disabled have a large personal experience of successful implementation of the tasks set, they are also very respected among the authorities and sponsors. Special feature of the organization is teamwork and strict division of duties.

Using the experience gained, developed ties and support and reliability of partners, the organization is confident in possible implementation of the most breathtaking projects of an explicit pattern and a significant effect for the target group.

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